And now how to provide inexpensive gourmet coffee in your office or business!

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English: Beer or Coffee? Choice of beverages on Hemel Hempstead High Street at the historic Rose and Crown and the modern Coffee Cup. The pub serves excellent beer and home-made food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d’une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went on a Walking Meetup a few weeks ago and networked with Thomas Viccars. He introduced his different coffee business to me in this way:

In discussing the introduction of RainTree’s automated coffee service a potential client offered up some of the issues (pet peeves) he/she wanted to see resolved:

  1. Tired of going into the kitchen only to find an empty pot;
  2. Tired of finding an empty pot with burnt coffee in the bottom because someone took the last cup and didn’t turn off the burner (never mind making a new pot)
  3. Tired of messing with coffee grounds
  4.  Tired of finding coffee grounds in your cup
  5. Tired of drinking coffee that is too strong/weak because the person who made the last pot didn’t know how to make coffee
  6. Tired of drinking old coffee in the afternoon.

All of these issues are resolved by making use of RainTree’s coffee service as our automated barista is always ready to make a freshly brewed coffee or specialty drink – it never complains as long as you have remembered to fill its bins – and the coffee being served is always of the same high quality on a consistent basis. Its job is to provide high quality coffee servings, that is its sole function, rather than being a side task not included in its job description.

If you want to see what this kind of coffee machine looks like click here.

So what do you think about this idea?

If you like it or are curious how it could work for you contact me Bob Gagnon 604 356 2528 or email

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Enagic has announced a new anti-aging and anti-cancer product

English: Turmeric plant found in Dakshina Kann...

English: Turmeric plant found in Dakshina Kannada district of India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kangen Ukon Sigma

Turmeric, usually known as a spice and part of most curry powders, is used for heartburn (dyspepsia), stomach pain, diarrhea, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, jaundice, liver problems and gallbladder disorders.

It is also used for headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fibromyalgia, leprosy, fever, menstrual problems, and cancer. Other uses include depression, Alzheimer’s disease, water retention, worms, and kidney problems.

Some people apply turmeric to the skin for pain, ringworm, bruising, leech bites, eye inflammation.

Time Magazine

Can Turmeric Relieve Pain? One Doctor’s Opinion

By Dr. Scott Haig Monday, July 13, 2009

A new clinical trial supports the benefits to people with osteoarthritis who used a unique extract of turmeric. 

Scientists in Italy have studied the pain-relief, increased flexibility, and other effects of a special, patented extract of the roots of turmeric, the flavorful spice that has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy.

Medical Evidence

UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Chemical in spice turmeric kick starts cancer-killing mechanisms in human saliva

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Turmeric Root Derived from Common Spice, May Protect, Rebuild Brain Cells After Stroke

Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology

Effect of Curcumin (turmeric) on Alzheimer’s – Prevention and treatment

If you are interested to hear more, or order the product call me 604-356-2528 or email

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Pseudo-science, Whole Foods, Kangen Water and me

Whole Foods

Whole Foods (Photo credit: Renée S. Suen)

Duke Chapel, a frequent icon for the universit...

Duke Chapel, a frequent icon for the university, can seat nearly 1,600 people and contains a 5,200-pipe organ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll start this post with an excerpt from a Daily Beast article that points out how even University professors from Duke U seem to be buying wholus bolus the Whole Foods stories about probiotics and other food pseudo-science inspired “secrets” about the non-organic foods we eat and the “untruths” that conventional doctors tell us. So let’s paste it in:

“Bringing sound data into political conversations and consumer decisions is a huge, ongoing challenge. It’s not limited to one side of the public debate. The moral is not that we should all boycott Whole Foods. It’s that whenever we talk about science and society, it helps to keep two rather humbling premises in mind: very few of us are anywhere near rational. And pretty much all of us are hypocrites.”

I tend to relate more directly to articles that give us another example of how many of us are “hypocrites” in our ways of thinking and doing. The author is Michael Schulson and he doesn’t think much of Ken Ham‘s ideas about Creation and science and of course not about Whole Foods and their macrobiotic stuff.

Which brings me to Kangen Water and science about water, acid vs. alkaline. Kangen Water is all about alkaline. I feel very positive about Kangen Water because I have experienced so many, very apparent to me, physical benefits. I sorta invoke the whole idea that Kangen Water has vastly improved my “wellness” – physical and emotional – but most doctors, nurses and scientists poo-poo that idea completely since it is very pseudo-sciency (new word). So whose right!

I guess I’m like the Duke U professors who line up to pay top price for the pseudo-science based claims at Whole Foods in Durham NC. I pay top price for my Kangen Water appliance and I believe the premium price I pay is worth it. What do you say, readers? Are you a “hypocrite” about pseudo-science notions you believe?

If you are now interested in Kangen Water, click on this:

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New areas of physical improvement that I am experiencing

SkyTrain 109 in the maintenance area

SkyTrain 109 in the maintenance area (Photo credit: DennisTsang)

I began drinking Kangen Water (pH 9.5) last August. Some positive results began within days and a few weeks, while others began a few months ago.


The physical improvements that I am experiencing continue. So far I have mentioned reduced lower body (legs and feet) edema, radically improved libido function, better energy and mental acuteness, as well as definite reduction of morning after hangover effects.

Libido (Líbido album)

Libido (Líbido album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past few weeks, I have felt able to jog for buses and Skytrains, walk up escalator stairs, walk down several level of stairs. In the last week or so, I have given up using a hiking stick to improve my walking balance. Another clear improvement is feeling healthier than I have for several years.

The last significant improvement involves better vision from my right eye that was operated on several years ago for a flap at the back of the eyeball. The vision in that eye did not correct completely.

I did not follow up with the opthalmology surgeon because the process was lengthy and uncertain. In the past few weeks I have noticed that with my left eye shut, the vision through my right eye had improved very significantly. Needless to say my vision with both eyes open has improved measurably.

Improvement of my libido function continues and it has given me confidence to make love to sex partners again.

If you want to learn about Kangen Water and appliances that produce it, click on this link:

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Wow, I can’t get over how much drinking Kangen Water has improved my physicality!!

Composite Image of Various CC-BY-SA and CC-SA ...

Composite Image of Various CC-BY-SA and CC-SA Skytrain Pictures, with an additional photograph taken by me (Brentwood). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a message of encouragement for Senior, men or women!

By physicality I mean my renewed ability to jog for the Skytrain and walk up escalator steps. I can do it without excess effort and with normal breathing. This is an improvement that is new and has happened gradually beginning in the last few weeks or after 5 months of drinking Kangen Water.

I am experiencing genuine feelings of physical renewal because in March 2012 I felt out of breath quite often and physically weak. I bought walking sticks to help steady my walking. Over the last few months I have felt like I did 10 years ago.

This is true for walking, jogging and my erotic feelings, including a great renewal of my orgasmic experience. I have experienced a significant reduction of my erectile dysfunction. Now that is a big impact on my quality of life. I am experiencing a very significant improvement of my blood circulation. No Cialis needed here!!!

Checkout my Kangen Water web sites: and

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Proving my manliness!

I just saw an Internet post with that phrase in the context and with an image of climbing some mountain. I realized that with my age and connected weary footbones, I probably couldn’t climb any proximate mountains even on the Vancouver North Shore.

Does that mean that the whole subject of proving my manliness is verboten or useless. Second thoughts are that there are other ways of proving my manliness. No, it’s got nothing to do with attracting and ravishing attractive women either. Instead,

Manliness (book)

Manliness (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel that manliness has a lot to do with moral feelings and intentions. I can do that!!

I even think that my manliness is connected to drinking Kangen Water also. That has a lot to do with my feelings of optimism and a sense I can do something good for me and others.


In fact, Kangen Water is today the main element in my home based business:

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