New areas of physical improvement that I am experiencing

SkyTrain 109 in the maintenance area

SkyTrain 109 in the maintenance area (Photo credit: DennisTsang)

I began drinking Kangen Water (pH 9.5) last August. Some positive results began within days and a few weeks, while others began a few months ago.


The physical improvements that I am experiencing continue. So far I have mentioned reduced lower body (legs and feet) edema, radically improved libido function, better energy and mental acuteness, as well as definite reduction of morning after hangover effects.

Libido (Líbido album)

Libido (Líbido album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past few weeks, I have felt able to jog for buses and Skytrains, walk up escalator stairs, walk down several level of stairs. In the last week or so, I have given up using a hiking stick to improve my walking balance. Another clear improvement is feeling healthier than I have for several years.

The last significant improvement involves better vision from my right eye that was operated on several years ago for a flap at the back of the eyeball. The vision in that eye did not correct completely.

I did not follow up with the opthalmology surgeon because the process was lengthy and uncertain. In the past few weeks I have noticed that with my left eye shut, the vision through my right eye had improved very significantly. Needless to say my vision with both eyes open has improved measurably.

Improvement of my libido function continues and it has given me confidence to make love to sex partners again.

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