Proving my manliness!

I just saw an Internet post with that phrase in the context and with an image of climbing some mountain. I realized that with my age and connected weary footbones, I probably couldn’t climb any proximate mountains even on the Vancouver North Shore.

Does that mean that the whole subject of proving my manliness is verboten or useless. Second thoughts are that there are other ways of proving my manliness. No, it’s got nothing to do with attracting and ravishing attractive women either. Instead,

Manliness (book)

Manliness (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel that manliness has a lot to do with moral feelings and intentions. I can do that!!

I even think that my manliness is connected to drinking Kangen Water also. That has a lot to do with my feelings of optimism and a sense I can do something good for me and others.


In fact, Kangen Water is today the main element in my home based business:

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